TRANSPARENCY : Contract Register

Celeris will develop a Contract Register to make available information online about public procedures thereby providing a basis for monitoring the way in which public money is spent.

The Contract Register will provide open, downloadable, up-to date and machine-readable information on contracts in order to maximise the usefulness of the information contained therein.

Setting smart searching functionalities will be crucial in order to identify and quickly access contracts that have similar features. For instance, it should be accessible to isolate contracts concluded by the same contracting authority or awarded to the same supplier.

Parliament Watch Italia will engage with the civil society to assess the priorities and requirements in terms of data to be made available as open data in order to allow the necessary data analysis.

The Contract Register will be in line with the new EU standard for the publication of procurement notices, the eForms. It will ensure further transparency and public accountability.


The European single procurement document (ESPD) is a self-declaration form of suitability, financial status and abilities of a company used as preliminary evidence in all public procurement procedures in the EU above the EU threshold. The ESPD enables the participating companies to declare that they are not in a situation in which they have to/may be excluded from the procedure; and they meet the selection criteria.

The advantage of the ESPD is that only the winner will have to submit the certificates requested as evidence by public buyers. This significantly reduces the administrative burden related to proving the eligibility of participants and simplifies cross-border access to business opportunities.

In the context of this project, Maggioli Spa will develop an ESPD module using the Exchange Data Model (EDM) based on the self-contained version 2 and will be integrated in the regional eProcurement platform.  It will allow contracting authorities to create an ESPD Request, and the economic operators to create an ESPD Response, which will be automatically pre-filled by the platform including the tender and the company’s information.

In addition, it will be possible to import and export ESPD XML files from/to other eProcurement platforms that have implemented the same version of the ESPD EDM, ensuring interoperability at a national and cross-border level.

It will significantly simplify participation to public procurement.


eCertis is an online database listing the eligibility criteria and documentary evidence needed in each European Economic Area ( EEA ) country for companies to take part in public procurement.

Maggioli Spa will connect the ESPD module to e-Certis, This will facilitate cross-border procurement as it will allow identifying the different certificates and attestations requested in procurement procedures across Europe.

The ESPD and eCertis play a crucial role in the digital transformation of public procurement. They contribute to EU countries’ transition to full eProcurement, significantly reduce administrative burden and simplify access to cross-border tendering opportunities.

The full potential of the ESPD can only be reached if integrated with eCertis and national services like national databases or eTendering services. In this way, the ESPD will act as a ‘business passport’ for companies bidding for tenders anywhere in the EU.